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Welcome to World Action Foundation

World Action Foundation is a non-profit social service organization that provides educational support, nutrition, and healthcare to enhance the quality of life of disadvantaged children and their families. We are committed to ensuring our support is effective, and strictly adhere to regulations and relevant policies to uphold this commitment.

The Constitution of World Action Foundation provides the overarching governance structure that enables us to achieve our mission in a way that is consistent with our vision, values and strategy. Focusing on education, health/nutrition, and financial empowerment are the main pillars to a sustainable community. Creating opportunities for the youth of often overlooked communities, by providing long-term guidance in education and child protection. This statement outlines our commitment to safeguarding children and young people from abuse and neglect as we work with their families and communities.

No Child Left Hungry
Igniting Hope, Transforming Lives.


Popular Causes In Canada

Community Kitchen Program

Hunger Relief Kit

Senior Food & Happiness Program

Differently Abled Youth Development Center


Popular Causes Around the World

Unite for Ashani’s Dream: Transforming Nayapana Estate

Education for Every Child

Meals for Minds

Tears Behind The Tea

Access to Intuition

A Differently Abled Dream


Be a Volunteer

Join with us to make a positive impact for children, the elderly, and the differently abled in need for a better tomorrow.

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Donate Now

Donate now to invest in a movement of change; to finally eliminate poverty and provide better circumstances for future generations.

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Give a Gift

Giving a gift of clean water, or an animal can be the turning point in someone’s life. Be the reason someone smiles again.

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