Nayapana estate development initiative (NEDI)

Nayapana Estate Development Initiative (NEDI)

Welcome to the World Action Foundation’s new initiative: “Nayapana Estate Development Initiative (NEDI).” We are a federally registered Canadian charity based in Toronto, dedicated to empowering disadvantaged communities both in Canada and around the world. Our mission is to create lasting positive change by providing vital support to those in need.

About Us:

As a non-profit organization, we have been actively working on projects both locally in Canada and internationally. Notably, our efforts in Sri Lanka have been intensified, particularly in support of the Malaiyagam Tamil community—a group that migrated from India to Sri Lanka 200 years ago. Despite the passage of time, the community has faced ongoing challenges, prompting the World Action Foundation to step in.

Nayapana Estate

Executive Summary

World Action Foundation, Canada, presents NEDI – A pioneering model village project dedicated to uplifting the Upcountry Tamils in Nayapana. Our mission: Enhance infrastructure, skill development, income generation, and promote tourism, leading to sustainable community empowerment.

A Vision Takes Shape:

Moved by Singer Ashani’s story, Mr. Subash Sundarraj, the founder and CEO of World Action Foundation, resolved to turn her dream into reality. Hailing from the same Malaiyagam Tamil Community but having moved to Canada over three decades ago, Mr. Sundarraj was deeply inspired. The goal: to revolutionize the Nayapana estate in Sri Lanka, where Ashani and her family reside, into a model community.

Obtaining the necessary governmental approvals, Subash and his Sri Lankan team are now embarking on this ambitious endeavour. The Nayapana Estate transformation encompasses the construction of new homes, a school, a medical clinic, a library, and a daycare facility, among other crucial amenities.

Subash Sundarraj

Our Vision:

1. Infrastructure Development

  • Comprehensive Library
  • Roadway Enhancements
  • Preschool Facility
  • Child Development Centre
  • English Tuition Centre
  • Solar-Powered Residences
  • Community Centre
  • Senior Home Upgrades
  • Children’s Park
  • Recreational Playground
Skill development

2. Skill Development & Income Generation

  • Leadership Training
  • Sewing Workshops
  • IT Hub
  • Livelihood Programs
  • Value-Added Product Manufacturing
  • Home Gardening Guidance
  • Tea Centre
  • Comprehensive Hospital Facility
  • Emergency Ambulance Service
Sri Lanka Tourism

3. Tourism Enhancement

  • Promotion of Nayapana Estate
  • Tourist Accommodations
  • Local Art and Crafts Center
Community support

Join Us in Making a Difference

Contact Information

Subash Sundarraj Founder & CEO, World Action Foundation

“Together, let’s build a sustainable and prosperous future for Nayapana Estate.”