Ashani Kanagaraj

Unite for Ashani's Dream: Transforming Nayapana Estate

Welcome to the World Action Foundation’s initiative: “Unite for Ashani’s Dream.” We are a federally registered Canadian charity based in Toronto, dedicated to empowering disadvantaged communities both in Canada and around the world. Our mission is to create lasting positive change by providing vital support to those in need.

About Us:

As a non-profit organization, we have been actively working on projects both locally in Canada and internationally. Notably, our efforts in Sri Lanka have been intensified, particularly in support of the Malaiyagam Tamil community—a group that migrated from India to Sri Lanka 200 years ago. Despite the passage of time, the community has faced ongoing challenges, prompting the World Action Foundation to step in.

Empowering Ashani:

One pivotal moment marked the beginning of “Unite for Ashani’s Dream.” A 14-year-old girl named Ashani, hailing from the Malaiyagam Tamil Community, caught the world’s attention when she participated in a singing show in India. Despite her extraordinary talent, financial constraints almost dashed her dreams. Ashani’s village rallied together, pooling their resources to fund her journey.

Ashani’s performance was a resounding success, garnering widespread praise from judges and the global Tamil community. Her touching story of learning to sing solely through radio broadcasts and her commitment to uplifting her community struck a chord with many. Ashani expressed her aspiration to transform her community’s fortunes and bring about meaningful change.

A Vision Takes Shape:

Moved by Ashani’s story, Mr. Subash Sundarraj, the founder and CEO of World Action Foundation, resolved to turn her dream into reality. Hailing from the same Malaiyagam Tamil Community but having moved to Canada over three decades ago, Mr. Sundarraj was deeply inspired. The goal: to revolutionize the Nayapana estate in Sri Lanka, where Ashani and her family reside, into a model community.

Obtaining the necessary governmental approvals, Subash and his Sri Lankan team are now embarking on this ambitious endeavor. The Nayapana estate transformation encompasses the construction of new homes, a school, a medical clinic, a library, and a daycare facility, among other crucial amenities.

Subash Sundarraj
Malaiyagam Tamil Community

A Call to Action:

Ashani and her family have wholeheartedly embraced this initiative, extending their support to the World Action Foundation and its founder, Subash Sundarraj. They urge Tamils across Canada and the world to join hands in supporting this noble cause. To facilitate this, the World Action Foundation has established an official GoFundMe page to raise the funds required for this transformative project.

Every contribution, no matter the size, will contribute not only to Ashani’s journey but will also rewrite the 200-year history of the Malaiyagam Tamil community. This initiative exemplifies unity and progress, showcasing the impact that a global community can achieve when they come together.

Ashani Kanagaraj

Join Us in Making Dreams Come True:

Your support will play an integral role in turning Ashani’s dream into a beacon of hope for the Malaiyagam Tamil Community. By uniting under the banner of “Unite for Ashani’s Dream,” we can create a lasting legacy that uplifts not only a remarkable young talent but an entire community that has persevered for two centuries. Together, we can spark change, foster progress, and build a brighter future.

To learn more and contribute, please visit our official GoFundMe page. Together, let’s make Ashani’s dream a reality and redefine the future for generations to come.

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