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Thakshana, the eldest child of her family is 16 and studies in grade 11 at Carfax college. She has 3 siblings who are in the ages 2, 9 and 13. Thakshana’s father Muthuraman is an assistant constructor who goes for work if there are any jobs available, while Thakshana’s mother is an estate worker who earns a minimum wage . Muthuraman. has to run the family with income gained by him and his wife. Thakshana has got less access to the educational resources and to other necessary factors because of her parents’ low income. Thakshana is less monitored due to the unavailability of the parents at the times Thakshana needs.  Thus, Your sponsorship contributions will support Thakshana to overcome her issues extending access to her necessities including training, clean water, health care, and education.  

Country: Sri Lanka
Birthday: 2006.04.25
Gender: Female