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Hi, I’m Konsila, and I’m 19 years old. 

Konsila is a 13th-grade student who studies at Hornsey College at Bathford Estate, Dickoya. She has a younger sister with special needs and a younger brother. Konsila walks 1.5 KM daily with her younger brother to get to school. Her father works as a temporary laborer and her mother is unemployed. Konsila’s mother looks after her special needs sister while doing all the household work. Konsila’s father’s salary is the only source of income they receive and it is insufficient for them to fulfill their basic day-to-day requirements. Moreover, it has been hard for them to bear the expenses of Konsila’s younger sister’s medication. Your generous sponsorship will assist them in creating and enhancing access to needs like nutritious meals, healthcare, education, and clean water.

Country: Sri Lanka
Birthday: 2003.07.21
Gender: Female