Morish Deran Hendrial



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Little Deran is only 7 years old and is from Sri Lanka. He lives with his parents and siblings. He always used to go with his mom when she goes grocery shopping only for a toffee he gets when he returns home. He used to spend most of his time playing with his siblings. Deran’s father is the one and only income source to the total family. They hardly manage to feed the three kids who are schooling. Deran attends St.John Bosco’s college. He is interested in drawing, coloring and painting. Also he is interested in sports activities such as track and field events. According to his parents his performance in school is excellent. Deran walks to school daily holding mom’s hands. Deran’s family lives in the area of Hatton in Sri Lanka. Your sponsorship can help Deran to access basic necessities and to have a bright future. 

Country: Sri Lanka
Birthday: 2005.03.05
Gender: Male