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Madhiwadhani lives with her parents. Her mother and father both are working as estate laborers. Madhiwadhani spends most of her time playing with her siblings. As Madhiwadhi had to face her Ordinary level examination this year she needs to spend a little more time on her studies. Also she had some special interests such as Drawing, Making handcrafts and Sports. Madhiwadhani didn’t attend any tuition classes or seminars regarding her examination as her parents couldn’t afford money for those. Madiwadhani and her family don’t have access to clean water, they had to walk daily at least 500 meters to a well inorder to get clean water. Your sponsorship contributions will help in establishing and extending access to necessities like education, healthcare, and clean water and to have a bright future.

Country: Sri Lanka
Birthday: 2006.02.14
Gender: Female