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Hi, I’m Anukshiya, and I’m 17 years old. 

Anukshiya is a 12th-grade student who attends Hornsey College at Bathford Estate, Dickoya. She has a younger brother and an older brother. Her older brother sat for the advanced-level examination and is waiting for his results. Being the only female child of the family, Anukshiya helps her mother with the household work and is dedicated to pursuing her education. She aims to face the advanced-level examination and get high grades. Anukshiya’s mother works as a housemaid and her father is a driver in another city. They are struggling every day to survive with their parents’ monthly income, which is not even enough to satisfy their essential needs. Your sponsorship will assist them in creating and enhancing access to needs like nutritious meals, healthcare, education, and clean water.

Country: Sri Lanka
Birthday: 2005.04.12
Gender: Female