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Sharmitha daughter of Thirubagaran is 6 and studies in grade 1 at Bonaccord TV at Bogawantalawa. She has two more siblings where one of them studies in grade 3. Thirubagaran is an estate worker and earns a sum of money which is insufficient to run the family. Sharmitha, cries for the things to be bought by her father which he doesn’t. Nathiyaa, the mother of sharmitha, has to be at home to pamper her children and help them with necessary needs. The cost of living has become a huge problem as Sharmitha never enjoys her childhood properly like other ordinary children. This could affect her physiologically and develop stress and anxiety. Thus, Your sponsorship donations will help to create and increase access to basics including training, clean water, healthcare, and education to Sharmitha.

Country: Sri Lanka
Birthday: 2016.12.08
Gender: Female