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Shadhurshan is six years old, and is from Sri Lanka. He lives with his parents and grandmother. Shadhurshan attends Bonaccord tamil vidyalaya and walks there everyday which is nearly three kilometres from his place. Shadhurshan spends most of his time with his grandmother listening to the old stories. His father is employed as a daily wage laborer and his mother is unemployed. So, Shadhurshan’s father is the only source of income to the total family. The family’s income is inconsistent and insufficient to meet their basic needs as they had to look after the grandmother of Shadhurshan and had to bear the medical expenses of her. Shadhurshan is more interested in extracurricular activities than academic activities at school. His performance at school is average. Shadhurshan’s family lives in the area of Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka. Your sponsorship can help Shadhurshan to access basic necessities and to have a bright future. 

Country: Sri Lanka
Birthday: 2016.07.07
Gender: Male