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Hello, this is Saranya, and I’m 10 years old. 

Saranya attends Puliyawatte primary tamil vidyalaya. She needs to walk at least 2 kilometers daily just to get to school. She lives with her parents, younger sister and grandmother. Most of the time when she’s at home she used to spend it playing with her little sister Prathiksha. Prathiksha goes to an elementary school named Little diamond. Saranya’s father is a driver and mother works as a house maid. Even though they both are employed the total income of the family is inconsistent and barely insufficient to meet their basic needs as they need to look after her grandmother and her medical expenses as well. Saranya is interested in extracurricular activities more than academic activities at school. Your sponsorship will help to establish and increase access to basic necessities like clean water, healthcare, and education as well as to help them develop their abilities. 

Country: Sri Lanka
Birthday: 2012.04.06
Gender: Female