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Hi, I’m Rukshithan, and I’m 05 years old.

Little Rukshithan attends Kusum Pre-school and is the youngest of his family. He has an elder sister and she loves him and looks after him very well. Rukshithan lives in a tea plantation sector in Upcountry, Sri Lanka with his family. He lives in a compact line house where all the family members eat, cook, dress, and sleep in the same room. Little Rukshithan’s father works at a small hotel in their area and his mother is a housewife. She takes care of Rukshithan and his sister and does all the household work. His father’s meager income is their only source of income and that is not enough for them even to satisfy their minimal requirements. Your kind sponsorship will help them in creating and enhancing access to needs like nutritious meals, healthcare, education, and clean water. 

Country: Sri Lanka
Birthday: 2017.04.12
Gender: Male