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Keerthika is a kid who lives in Lenthaty estate, Hatton. She has 4 siblings in the ages 25, 24, 22 and 7.  Keerthika studies in grade 7 at Cambridge college which is located 15 KM away from her home. Her parents work in the estate while her elder brothers and her only sister are working in Colombo. Keerthika is improperly cared for by her family and surrounded with an unpleasant environment, is a barrier for her personal growth. She has to restrict herself from the ordinary life lived by the other students due to the lack of income of the family. However, despite the issues she faces, she excels in her studies and maintains a good record in her school. Your sponsorship contributions will support Keerthika to overcome her issues extending access to her necessities including training, clean water, health care, and education.

 Country: Sri Lanka
 Birthday: 2010.07.12
 Gender: Female