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Hi, this is Kasthoori, and I’m from Sri Lanka. 

Kasthoori lives with her parents, grandparents and her little sister. She loves to spend her leisure time with her little sister and grandparents. She used to play with her little sister Dilonika, and used to listen to stories from grandparents. Her father is employed in Colombo, and her mother is employed as an estate worker. Although both of her parents work, the family’s income fluctuates and is insufficient to cover their essential necessities as they had to take care of both the grandparents of Kasthoori and to bear their medical expenses as well. Kasthoori lives in line houses where it’s roughly, 8 by 8 feet space. Kasthoori is interested in dancing and drama acting at school. Her performance at school is average. Your sponsorship will help to establish and increase access to basic necessities like clean water, healthcare, and education as well as to help them develop their abilities. 

Country: Sri Lanka
Birthday: 2012.12.08
Gender: Female