Vijaya Ranjani



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Vijaya Ranjani is 11 and an only child of Sivagnanam and Amirthavalli, studies in grade 6 at Carfax College. Her family resides in Lenthety estate which is located in the central province of Sri Lanka. Ranjani is supposed to walk  5 KM to attend the school. Vijaya Ranjani’s mother is an estate worker who works to earn an amount of 7500 rupees per month, while Ranjani’s father is an employee who works in hardware for a minimum wage. The contemporary economic crisis has affected the lifestyle of this family where they struggle to cover the cost of living of the family and education of Vijaya Ranjani. The only support they have at the moment is Naraayanan, the grandfather of Ranjani. Ranjani’sfamily will be blessed if any sponsors  help this child to complete her education without any interruptions.

Country: Sri Lanka
Birthday: 2011.08.23
Gender: Female