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Hi, I’m Dheepika, and I’m 15 years old.

Deepika is a 10th-grade student attending Carfax school in Hatton. She has an elder brother and he has an issue with his leg. The medication for her brother’s injury is expensive. Deepika’s father is unemployed and looks after her brother when she goes to school. Her mother is working as a housemaid in a foreign country and that’s the only source of income her family has. Deepika walks 3 KM twice a day to get to school and back as they can’t afford to pay for public transportation. She is getting ready to face the ordinary-level examination next year with the hope of getting higher results to lead a better life. Your sponsorship will assist them in creating and enhancing access to needs like nutritious meals, healthcare, education, and clean water. 

Country: Sri Lanka
Birthday: 2007.03.19
Gender: Female