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Subhadarshini is 16 and daughter of Ganeshan and Theivanai studies in grade 11 at Carfax college. She lives in Lenthanty with her family. She has 2 sisters who are studying in grades 13 and 11. Subhadharshini has to look after herself whenever there is a need for her, whereas her mother is working abroad.  Her father is an estate worker who works for a minimum wage. As a girl Subhadarshini, is surviving a tough life without the support of a lady who could understand the needs and wants of a teenager. She lacks good guidance and support from her family. The income generated from her family members is not sufficient to  fulfill the needs and wants of Subhadarshini. This could lead her to fall into serious trouble and illness. We would love it if any generous sponsors could sponsor her  to overcome the issues and aid her with basic facilities including skill development, sanitization and education. 

Country: Sri Lanka
Birthday: 2006.04.26
Gender: Female